Deli Sandwich: Do sandwiches and delis have anything in common?

You could be looking at a new food and there is a chance you could think of it as a “deli” sandwich. After all, the only difference between this “deli” sandwich, and the perogies on your table at the local Polish Restaurant, are the fillings and the bread. For many of us, a regular sandwich from Fritzy’s is the same as that from Bob’s Deli. And while Bob’s Deli may be a favorite among Eastern European Jews, it has been shared by anyone in the country who is in the habit of making sandwiches from leftover bread. And everyone seems to have a special tradition.

On the other hand, I visited a Chinese restaurant where the Chinese have no bread, and no bagels, but it was the most delicious bagel I have ever had! Then I drove into Los Angeles to see a pizza place where the pizza was topped with Chinese barbecue sauce—different from the Italian special sauce served at the Italian restaurant where I grew up.

So I’m trying to make sense of the relationship between “deli” and “sandwich.” Does it matter if I eat the stickers on fruits and vegetables? They seem similar: mostly bread soaked with butter and pastries with filling, but the meats and cheeses are very different.

I enjoy breads and favorite items in restaurants and delis—they make my day. Why not try to arrange for more?

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