Greenpeace: Japan’s Golden Eagle Population Increases by 590 Percent Since 2008

In a sobering report released Wednesday, environmental advocacy group Greenpeace estimated that the number of new golden eagles has grown by 500 percent since 2008, and that the total number of golden eagles increased by 590 percent over the last ten years. According to the group, a 15-minute walk around Japan’s tsunami-damaged Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant must be followed by a hike on the Kakoe Environmental Forest, which is said to contain tens of thousands of new golden eagles. The entire nuclear industry must meet with regulators to come up with a serious replacement plan, the group said. The Japanese government’s two-part plan to reduce the seismic risk posed by the power plant also includes extensive conservation projects. But Greenpeace points out that the government has tried to lower expectations for conservation efforts, comparing what it was in 2008, when some 320 newly hatched golden eagles made a “vital” first visit to Kakoe, with the fact that there are now 15,000 eagles in the area.

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