Making a Murderer’s Chicago lawbreaking on trial – podcast

“Black Lives Matter, made it with our money,” says Chicago native and storyteller, Tahree Laney. Laney has created the production company ‘Magic Stacks’ to make independent films and documentaries on topics related to Black masculinity. He recently participated in a podcast with Tell the Truth’s Jaha Dukureh about whether there is ‘white saviour chic’ on the rise (Listen here), and this week his latest series is Making a Murderer 2.

Laney has spoken about the white supremacist element in the #WokeLeftMob and the effect it has had on the criminal justice system. “So basically, this #WokeLeftMob is one of the bigger explanations for why the Jury came up with guilty verdicts in the Andrew (Arty) cases; to help show the world white brothers don’t get along so what are they gonna do?”

Arty was just one of the defendants in the $15 million dollar lawsuit brought against Berkshire Bank for money management fraud in 2002. Timothy LeGere (accused of threatening and making threats) was asked to testify in trial but refused. Arty and Joel Flanders (arrested for armed robbery and money laundering) were charged as an Act 3 Bond Suppression, charged with abetting people connected to his fraud case to delay the prosecution of LeGere. Their respective sentences: life imprisonment.

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