Shocking verdict: man jailed for 17 years for assaulting drunk woman


A judge found Kyle Rittenhouse, 20, of Maryland, innocent of all five charges against him Monday morning, the subject of a controversial 6-month-long trial. Here’s what he was found guilty of, according to NBC News:

a fifth-degree assault charge for kicking, bench pressing and slamming a woman to the ground.

two first-degree assault charges for striking an SUV driver and punching a Metro security guard in December 2015.

a fourth-degree assault charge for beating up a cellmate of a man who Rittenhouse attempted to get help for.

a third-degree assault charge for attacking a Metro officer while in the custody of the officer, who was checking him over for drugs.


The jury found Rittenhouse guilty of the assault charge involving the belt attack on the woman, but his two other assault convictions were dropped, WUSA9 reports.


Rittenhouse was also found guilty of the third-degree assault charge by a jury in Arlington Circuit Court.


After prosecutors asked for more prison time, Rittenhouse was sentenced to 17 years. He told WUSA9 that prison will make him “pretty much ruined” and make him “better at people figuring out what to do with you.” His mother told WBAL that she feels her son is being “framed” for the life-threatening beating.

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