Silicon Valley Strategist Shannon O’Neil on New York’s New ‘Laws for the Best’

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Do we want Canadian CEOs of drug companies, financial institutions and medical centers, so they can do a lot more testing in North America, but not speak English?

FOX’s Debby Ryan and Silicon Valley Strategist Shannon O’Neil have more in this week’s “FOX on Tech”:

I’m Debby Ryan.

The state of New York is requiring Canadian CEOs of medical centers and drug companies to learn English before they’re allowed to work in the state.

Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, a Democrat, says the idea is to force companies to offer New Yorkers more job opportunities, especially in industries with innovation, but not everybody believes it’s the right idea:

Now, several well-known New York-based Canadian businesses decried the law, saying it’s discriminatory and ‘insulting’. In fact, Schneiderman has gone as far as winning an early judgement in New York State Court allowing him to enforce the law.

But Shannon O’Neil, Silicon Valley Strategist for Logic Makes Perfect, says while it’s unwise, it’s not entirely impossible to get US citizenship in the US:

The application doesn’t ask for an English-speaking parent, so I think you could apply with someone who’s Canadian, but you might want to make sure that they’ve got some connections within the Canadian government. So, it’s not impossible. It’s likely unlikely, but it’s not impossible. It depends on how much they want it. It depends on what they’re interested in doing, how long they want to stay here, what career they have there.

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