Spider-Man: No Way Home trailer sees villain Electro’s origin revealed

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Mention of a threatened killing and ‘a bevvy of baddies’ is enough to put even the wall-crawler off his best mood

When The Amazing Spider-Man 2 faltered it wasn’t on its comic-book movie credentials, but its American villain Electro. One wanted for that and other stunts, the character could return for the third Spidey outing, Spider-Man: No Way Home. And the new trailer has given us our best look yet at the villain, though whether it’s remotely intimidating is another matter.

Compared to his choreographed exploits in Sam Raimi’s three films, the new trailer shows every jot and tittle that Electro was in his earliest Spider-Man outings. First to the screen is Jamie Foxx, who plays the mild-mannered insurance-quoting businessman Max Dillon who can turn his electricity into the power of lightbulbs. He also threatens to deactivate Spidey’s web-shooters because he’s let a piece of ice loose on his neck, which is enough to make even the wall-crawler a little nervous.

Then it’s all about falling. Specifically, there’s an early shot of the fictional city of New York falling from the sky, and it’s clear that everything happens in real time. In response to a threat – “Don’t waste time, because a bevvy of baddies is on the way” – Spidey hurries out of the way. Clearly the Marvel movie universe is all about timing and location.

Then comes another cutaway of the movie’s opening frame. The shadows of a skyscraper belong to Happy Hogan, AKA Peter Parker’s trainer of special effects, but he’s obviously standing in front of the window. So is the bulky, bloodshot haired Rhys Ifans. An injured if not seriously ill-looking Peter checks on the clock, while Cameron Monaghan appears for a look-in. That’s right, he’s the young actor who played zombie-fighting Pee Wee Herman before scaling up to play Eddie Brock/hellmouth Venom in last year’s Venom.

Spider-Man: No Way Home trailer

He’s then lost his power-saver, Harry Osborn. As played by Dan Amboyer, the son of George and Claudia Osborn, Harry was a scientist and product of the same Oscorp laboratories as his ailing father, although he was never granted the same elevated moral status as his suit-wearing dad. Having completed a research project to explore regenerative body treatments, he was one step away from striking a deal with a shady financier. Then came a bullet to the head.

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