The best show on the planet, ‘The Time: Ancient and Modern History’

Earlier this year, Jim and Jane Carr (the sisters of the Church of Scientology leader David Miscavige) unveiled a new book called “The Wheel of Time: Travels Through Ancient and Modern History,” that promises “to be a tour of ancient Middle Ages, Renaissance, and Renaissance that will be deeply entertaining, but more importantly, political history told in the style of classic travel books… History as an adventure.”

Based on Time’s vast source of texts, which have been translated into 3,000 different languages, the book is recommended reading for The World According to Trump (and certainly anyone fascinated by the Trump Administration, both inside and outside the White House).

Given the show’s fascination with Time’s pages and characters, I arranged a discussion with John Hastings and James Whelan, Associate Editors at Time, who produced a compelling but informative episode on the history of Time and its turbulent history as a tool for world domination and human self-destruction.

One of the central characters portrayed in the episode is the factionalist Alex Way, played by actor Zach West, who was the co-founder of the “Anabaptist faction.” David Grimm, an MSNBC alum and founder of Cause Cultist, talked about the Anabaptists.

Listen below as co-hosts Bryan Clark and Lauren Vance discuss the show, ask Whelan and Hastings what they think the show is about and how it fits in with both the show’s dual current and historical timelines, a perfect vehicle for this Netflix-style epic since it is both spread between reality and fiction.

From the best-selling Time: Ancient and Modern history

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