‘They’re Attack[ing] the American Dream’: Conservative Writer Defies ‘Pernicious’ Attacks on Author’s Book

Conservative blogger and commentator Robin de Jesús is never at a loss for a metaphor to describe the frustration many face in their personal lives.

“Tick, Tick … Boom!” is the title of his debut, self-titled book, which recently published.

The book recreates an authentic telenovela starring de Jesús, a situation room scene involving President Trump, and a scene involving Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer.

It also features de Jesús fending off FBI agents looking for leads as he attempts to help those hurt in the catastrophic pipe bomb explosion.

In the book, which debuted at No. 12 on the Christian best-seller lists, de Jesús chronicles how some Biblical characters are too consumed with their own needs to be truly churchy.

De Jesús broke down what the critics are saying about his new book on “Fox & Friends Weekend.”

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“They’re attacking this work because they think I’m a great cultural critic,” he said. “It’s because a lot of people are speaking about our immigration problems. A lot of people are speaking about our health care problems. A lot of people are speaking about our corrupt federal government.”

de Jesús said that his concept and persona in the book will not distract from the problems in the country, especially considering the timing of the attacks.

“When people are selling the American dream, when people are selling the concept of America, to put out attacks like that is not right,” he said.

He added that his book will “defy” the “pernicious” attack tactics of the left, and also said that the Bible is “here to serve a higher goal.”

You can watch more above.

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