Toronto Man Charged With Voyeurism for Allegedly Videotaping Model in Swimsuit Change Room

A Toronto man has been charged with voyeurism for allegedly videotaping a model in a swimsuit change room.

Police arrested Nathan Patterson, 32, of Toronto on Friday following a domestic dispute at a downtown hotel where police say there were several men involved.

The female model who encountered Patterson came forward to police, and Patterson was arrested.

The model, whose identity is being protected, told police she found a cellphone recording device in the changing room, which was related to Patterson. The camera was hidden underneath a washroom stool.

She said Patterson asked to be allowed to continue using the changing room, despite her protests. He was later handcuffed and taken to a cell.

Patterson, who police say has a lengthy criminal record dating back to 2005, is set to appear in court at Old City Hall, Toronto, next month.

Police said the investigation into the incident is ongoing.

Patterson is facing charges of voyeurism, mischief, fraud and breaching a court order.

Just three weeks ago, a woman was arrested at a Fort Lauderdale, Fla., airport for allegedly taking video of a naked man in a Port of Miami bathroom.

According to the Miami Herald, Marisa Haeran Cunningham, 19, allegedly took video of a naked man in the locker room at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport. Cunningham was later arrested at Miami International Airport on charges of filming an illicit act.

Chris Angeloni, the victims attorney, told the publication that the incident happened before Cunningham flew home to New Jersey, where she was ordered to stay.

Angeloni said Cunningham’s cellphone contained video of the explicit, nearly two-minute recording while she was in Florida. The man involved in the incident remains unidentified.

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