Travel experts: Are tourist destinations safe after terrorist attacks?

Terrorist attacks hit some popular tourist destinations, like Egypt and Turkey, in late 2016 and early 2017.

Many of those destinations have since made a bid to keep tourists returning.

Here are some details about that:


“We’ve seen a recovery in Turkey and Egypt, and Egypt in particular is on the rise with visitors spending $1.2 billion to visit the country last year. Tunisia and Morocco remain a concern. South Africa, which was a popular destination for foreign travelers last year, remains a threat due to threats from the national liberation movement, Frelimo, which has claimed responsibility for 13 deaths of people in recent years, including nine people in March. Anguilla is really tough to even access from the U.S. (it’s a British overseas territory) because of a civil war. And it’s a nice place, but at this point it’s tough to recommend it.”


“I wouldn’t say a return of the norm here, but actually it’s been pretty well stable. A lot of things we anticipated would happen have not. We expect that will continue.”


“We have been receiving this return in markets like the UAE and Oman.

“The UAE has been our largest inbound market over the past year or so and is expected to remain in the top three in 2018, and as a result we are increasing our headcount. And this will translate in more … staff in our customer service centers and office.”


“We are targeting a return to pre-attack levels of business in the upcoming weeks and we are planning some price promotions. Travelers are realizing that travel to Qatar is safe at this point in time.”


“The tourism industry has recovered well from the wave of terror attacks last year, we have seen better-than-expected volumes. On the supply side, we have recently acquired six new properties, which will contribute to our growth in coming years. In parallel, we have a new strategy in place that focuses on revamping and refurbishing aging hotels and resorts to highlight their unique cultural and architectural heritage.”


“In Turkey, visitors have returned and this trend shows no signs of slowing.”


“With the restoration of diplomatic relations between Egypt and the U.S., combined with the active participation of tourism organizations and bodies like the U.S. Travel Association and the Embassy of the U.S. in Egypt, this is an ideal time to enjoy the spiritual traditions of Egypt.”


“At our tourist resorts we’ve noticed that terrorism is no longer a deterrent. The fight against it is starting to have an impact on the dynamics of terrorist groups. They know they cannot win in the battlefield. So terrorism is starting to be more of a nuisance, but we don’t want to forget that we have to take it seriously because it’s still part of the threat.”


“In areas such as Chongqing and Shanghai, it’s business as usual. Tourists are clearly moving back. Overall in China, there was a sharp drop in December and January and March saw a modest recovery.

“The international traveler is becoming more selective, but for the most part the downturn has been limited.”


“2016 and 2017 have been among the hardest years for commercial airlines.”

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