Vinay Menon: New York Condo Getting Bought By Madonna’s Friend With $9.5M Price Tag Could Be A “Lifestyle Platform”

WATCH: Rich ‘pets’ looking to buy Madonna’s former home? Posted by Fox News & Commentary on Tuesday, April 23, 2019

If you’re a celebrity pet and you need a quick scoop or crisis alert for a magazine, a TV show or a business report, all you have to do is reach out to Vinay Menon’s New York Times and business blog – and he’s your guy!

“People can actually buy access, not just information,” Vinay said. “It’s not like my source in Pakistan has seen The Economist – they’ve heard that The Economist had a piece on Pakistan.”

Madonna’s former New York City abode, Hearst Tower – sources tell The Observer that animal philanthropists who’ve made millions off back up, hip and making the world a better place are among the potential buyers. The brownstone is listed at $9.5 million but is rumored to be only a year old. (Since Madonna purchased it for $8.8 million in 2018, two city homes have since gone on the market for well over $9 million.)

Vinay is friends with one of those anonymous, rich, pet-lovers, on Facebook (all Facebook noms go by “Vinay Menon” – we’re impressed he keeps his name confidential) and two weeks ago we asked him what he’d tell the animal posse who’d buy this set of NYC condos. In the 5 minute answer he gave, he had some great insight, like:

“I’d say you’re buying into a great time for a real estate market, but you’re also buying into a lifestyle and a platform, but here’s the thing: when you’re on the roof, it doesn’t change if you’re swimming in water or in a hot tub. Water and fountains and cool showers aren’t going to bring you happiness in the end.”

A little light-hearted information for our animal friends!

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