Robin Gibb, Bee Gees Co-Founder

It’s already one of the most famous and colorful singers of all time, and now a new film is documenting the life and music of Michael Jackson’s ex-manager.

In the new biopic “Michael Jackson’s Journey from Motown to Off the Wall,” producer Richard Lester devotes most of the first part of the film to songs that Robin Gibb wrote with brother Maurice. “Cold Sweat” is now an international hit, and Maurice would score his first number one song in the United States with “Carry On Wayward Son.”

After they formed the Bee Gees in 1956, Maurice followed Robin into the music business, while Robin would manage the brothers’ life for several years. As the Bee Gees flourished, Maurice began arranging music for movies. Together, Robin and Maurice crafted the sound that would take them around the world.

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With Motown Records joining in 1961, Maurice took his music to the world. There, he wrote and arranged such hits as “Massachusetts” and “Neighbors.”

After the death of Michael Jackson in 2009, Robin left the music business and proceeded to find his own path. In 2009, he met Robin Leach and tried to launch the television show “Global Heat.” Leach dedicated the episode to the Bee Gees.

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